About Us

About Us

COST SAVERS is Ireland's fastest growing, independent and proven network of professional Cost Consultants. In today’s deregulated energy and telecoms market, assessing, comparing and availing of the best electricity, gas and phone rates can be a very daunting and confusing process. This is the origin of COST SAVERS.

COST SAVERS Consultants understand the complexity of deregulated electricity, gas, telecommunications. Our knowledge and expertise, we can continuously bring you the best rates for all your utility and service bills.



COST SAVERS has shown the deregulation of the electricity market from 1998 with volatile prices changing each month. We will review your account on an annual basis but should the market change drastically during the term we will alert you immediately to any new options that become available.

Natural Gas

COST SAVERS can offer our clients a detailed review of their natural gas usage. As soon as we have received a copy of your most recent invoice outlining your current charges, we can then provide you with a breakdown of how you can save between 5% - 12% off those charges.

Mobile Phone

COST SAVERS can assess and compare over 8 mobile phone operators in Ireland. With more operators entering the market, it is essential to obtain a clear breakdown of comparative mobile charges by operator. A business should know which provider, payment scheme and plan will suit them best to save


COST SAVERS can offer over 15 landline operators in Ireland at present. Businesses do not have the time or patience to compare the prices of all these companies. At Cost Savers we can show you all the different options that are available to you. Peak, off peak, bundle, plan are all terms used to confuse the business owner. We can show you clearly how these costs are broken down saving you time and money.


COST SAVERS will scan the market for any potential savings that may be applied to your bin charges.


COST SAVERS will show how to switch from your mains water supply to a greener, more sustainable supply.


COST SAVERS will show how to obtain the most competitive rates available in the market.