Our Team

Our Team

Our Utility Cost consultants have over 15 years experience in dealing with businesses in Ireland, UK and USA. They have worked in the energy, telecoms and financial services sector and have the expertise to help businesses reduce their overall spend on Utility Bills.

Cost Savers are proving to be the number one choice for Irish Businesses.

We are currently hiring sales professionals to join our nationwide team.

How can you join this amazing profession?

At Cost Savers we give all of our training both in-house and in the field. We will teach you exactly what a Utility Cost Consultant is and how to become one. Contact us today and we will arrange to meet with you to get you started.

What we will do for you

  • We will give you the opportunity to start your own business within ours!
  • We will encourage you and help you through all the different steps
  • We will be there for you from the start to offer you any advice that you may need
  • Plan your own day at your own pace
  • No more having to be tied down to the office

If you are a self motivated person who wants to increase their earnings, able to converse with people at all different levels, have a smart, tidy appearance and are capable of interacting with SME’s both retail and commercial and also industrial businesses then Cost Savers is interested in meeting you.

We would like professionals with the highest standards to represent our business.

You can send us an email informing us of your interest together with your CV.

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