Welcome to COST SAVERS, Ireland's fastest growing, independent and proven network of Cost Consultants.

COST SAVERS meets the recurring need for businesses to review supplier prices, terms and plans for utilities, assess and compare costs, identify potential savings AND save money on utility bills now and into the future.

• With access to the ‘best’ market prices currently available, Cost Savers can assess and compare your current pricing and resulting charges against what is available in the market. We have developed a unique solution to obtain ‘real time’ prices for all utilities and services and thus provide you with the best prices currently on offer in Ireland.

COST SAVERS has a detailed understanding of the complex and often daunting utility price bands, usage levels, service schemes and payment plans, as well as how these are tariffs structured by electricity, gas, telephone, mobile or other supplier. Customers cannot work out what they are paying and why for their numerous tariffs.

• Whether you are looking to save money on your electricity bill, gas bill, landline or mobile bill, water, printing or other operational utility costs, we are here to help. Our Cost Consultants have been trained to the highest possible standard and will be able to save you money on your bills without compromising on service.

COST SAVERS delivers proven results without compromising on STAR quality to

• SAVINGS Identify potential areas for savings / Undertake ‘data capture’ for recent bills

• TARGET Obtain ‘on-going’ best prices / Determine what suppliers have to offer and where opportunities exist

• ANALYSIS Undertake analysis by provider, service and payment scheme and identify actual likely savings

• RESULTS Implement and deliver potential savings for electricity, gas, landline, mobile, printing, other services.